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Meg Goettsches

Adjunct Instructor

Address: JC Long, room 419
Office Hours: TR 12:15-1:30
Phone: 843-953-7682


B.A. in English from College of Charleston, Charleston, SC

M.A. in Culture and Environment in Africa from the University of Cologne, Germany

Courses Taught

AFST 101: Introduction to Africa

AFST 202: Gender in Africa

AFST 202: Survey of Contemporary Issues in Africa through Literature


Peer Reviewed

Issue 5 CEAS: Edited by the Cologne African Studies Center
Goettsches, Megan. Livelihood Access and Gender Role Renegotiation: A Case Study of Widows in Northern Uganda. Thesis. University of Cologne, 2012. Cologne: Cologne African Studies Center, 2014. Print.

ISSN No: 2311-7168
Gottsches, Megan S. Access to Land, Securing a Livelihood and Gender Role Renegotiation: A Case Study of Widows in Northern Uganda. Journal of Peace and Strategic Studies 1 (2013): 28-48. Web (

Kölner Afrikawissenschaftliche Nachwuchstagung (KANT IV)
November 16-18, 2012
Photo Exhibition "Feiern in Afrika"
1. Lakamay Tanzt (Copyright: Megan Smith)
2. Mandingo Kankurang (Copyright: Megan Smith)
3. Gambian Declaration (Copyright: Megan Smith)

SERSAS 2014, College of Charleston
Presentation: Negotiating Gender Roles in Post Conflict

Annual International Conference on Africa and Its Diasporas 2014, University of Georgia
Presentation: Exploring the Mechanisms of Group Farming Practices and their Potential Place in the Food Security Dialog; A Case Study of Women in Northern Uganda